Electriacal Works

Instalations , Repairs and modifications. We undertake maintenance /modification/Repair works for electrical distribution system for LV switchboards, SMDBS, DBs, MCCs, Capacitor banks and lighting controls systems.


We undertake all types of VFD trounle shootings, repair, programming , testing & commissioning services. Annual maintenance by our VFD sxperts as per OEM specification & Client Requirements.


HVAC system : Instalations , Repairs and modifications. We provide proper and economic maintenance / repair solutios to all types HVAC systems including chiller management systems. With Partners around UAE and multiingual team providing a wide range of unique services.


Trained , efficient and dedicated team for the transformer repair at site. Your transformers need to serve you long with trouble-free and unintereupted service, therefore they should receive a reasonable preventive maintenance, which consists of regular inspection,testing and reconditioning when necessary. Records should be kept giving details of any abnormalities during services.


With advanced technology of Open protocol and modular technology. BMS is an industry requiring expertise and experience. Primecare understand your application and specific requirements and convert it into a solution that provides added value, reduces operational costs and enhances the efficiency of your system. We undertake annual maintenance contracts/ monitoring services for all types of OEM BMS systems . Simple and relable software for BMS monitoring and control system provides for all other OEM systems for better reliable energy saving solutions.

IT & Networking Solutions

We follow systematic approach for all projects.You can trust us as your dependable IT Partner. Our Services include online campaign management, inbound marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, link building under our digital branding section. Along with above mentioned services, we are also experts in call center management systems like predictive dialers, GSM modules and agent CRM.


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